Ease of use, smart device

Best controlled environment to grow your own produce

Psychologically beneficial

Great health benefits from the superfoods you grow

Great activity for the entire family

Experience the Magic of Growing

The perfect product for the busy urbanite who aspires to eat and live well

Designed to thrive, engineered for modern day living. It is suitable for those who are busy yet aspire to eat and live well. AVA helps you to grow the freshest, cleanest, most delicious and nutritious greens right at your fingertips.

 Automated gardening, naturally. AVA gives everyone year-round access to the freshest, cleanest, and most delicious ingredients grown right in your home. We believe that you deserve truly fresh, healthy, non-GMO, sustainable food. The AVA system preserves nutrition, makes growing fun and easy, while cutting out plastic food packaging, harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Compatible Plants

Pod packs are carefully designed with compatible plants so that your garden can grow harmoniously. Choose a pod pack that best fits your lifestyle

Food sustainability

90% of food in Singapore are imported from neighbouring countries and only 


of veggies here are locally produced. Growing your own crops gives you access to the freshest, most nutritious and delicious produce from the comfort of your home

As of 2019


of 744,000 tonnes of food waste is being recycled

Carbon footprint


Imported veggies produces 0.41 kg CO2 of greenhouse gases, 1.80 kWh of Energy consumption and 44 liters of water consumption for every kg of food


Local veggies produce 0.32 kg CO2 of greenhouse gases, 1.56 kWh of energy consumption and 35 liters of water consumption for every kg of food


Locally-produced leafy vegetables have ~22% lower GHG emissions, ~13% lower energy consumption and ~20% lower water consumption as compared to imported leafy vegetables

No transportation needed

No loss of vitamins and minerals


No pesticides


No storage time

Harvest what you require