Unboundivate was founded during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 that impacted everyone’s lives on the planet. We saw the need to really take a deep look at how we live our lives.

We saw lives disrupted in a significant way. Vulnerabilities in our day-to-day lives were brought to light. In our home-country Singapore, multiple disruptions resulted in lifestyle changes that were never thought of, while highlighting vulnerabilities in the way we live.

Vulnerability poses a challenge, but should never be a weakness. Everyonecanfarm is focused on living better by merging technology with lifestyle, in a way that is truly relevant to our (urban) environment. We began on our journey to keep going (and growing) even when times get tough. is Unboundivate’s first project, focused on bringing back the connection between us and the vegetables we eat.

Everyonecanfarm introduces a way of life that enables us to grow our vegetables, not in the traditional labourious way under the sun (think sunburned farmer with a big straw hat), but indoors and within an appliance – no less, by optimizing the environmental factors that are required to grow vegetables.

Our goal

Our goal is to reduce the distance from farm to plate. Instead of the thousands of miles that vegetables travel to reach us and the unthinkable processes they are subject to (pesticides, gassing, etc) we embarked on our mission to reduce thousands of miles to just a few steps.

We can be in total control of what we plant, starting from the careful choice of seeds, to watching it grow and finally, enjoying the vegetables of our labour. In each of our own small ways, everyonecanfarm can make an impact on the world
one leaf at a time.