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Embrace self-sufficiency by cultivating your own fresh, nutritious and organic crops in the comfort of your own home.
Grow them effortlessly and benefit from the harmony of technology and nature.

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Our Mission

Empower anyone, anywhere, to grow anything.

Our Story


Everyonecanfarm.com is Unboundivate’s first project, focused on bringing back the connection between us and the vegetables we eat. Everyonecanfarm introduces a way of life that enables us to grow our vegetables, not in the traditional labourious way under the sun (think sunburned farmer with a big straw hat), but indoors and within an appliance – no less, by optimizing the environmental factors that are required to grow vegetables

Our goal for Everyonecanfarm is to reduce the distance from farm to plate. Instead of the thousands of miles that vegetables travel to reach us and the unthinkable processes they are subject to (pesticides, gassing, etc) we embarked on our mission to reduce thousands of miles to just a few steps. We can be in total control of what we plant, starting from the careful choice of seeds, to watching it grow and finally, enjoying the vegetables of our labour. In each of our own small ways, Everyonecanfarm can make an impact on the world one leaf at a time.

The World’s Smartest Garden

AVA Byte is a smart indoor garden that helps anyone get growing. Crafted by horticulturists and designers, Byte has been designed to help you harvest the freshest food at your fingertips.

Plug-In Plants

Our tech makes growing your own food foolproof.


Fill the reservoir once a month and let the Byte do the rest. Reducing water usage by 90% and your stress level by 100%.


5 environmental sensors continuously monitor your plants to ensure conditions are optimal for their growth.


Capture moments from your garden remotely and receive monthly timelapses of your garden’s growth.


Download the AVA Smart Garden App, or sync to your Alexa or Google device to track your growing progress.


AVA Byte Smart Garden


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Italian Herbs Grow Pods


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